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Topic: Dog Vomiting Bile

Question from Andrea in Newark:
My yellow lab has been throwing up bile. He was not outside and has not been eating grass. He does it once or twice a week. Should I take him to his vet?

Answer from Dr. Mindy Cohan:
Even if your lab is fine in all other respects, I would still recommend an exam by a veterinarian. Your dog's age and his physical exam may indicate blood work or
x-rays to rule out an underlying problem. I recommend that you bring a fresh stool sample to be checked. It will be important for your dog to be weighed and to make sure he is not losing weight.

If you only feed your dog once daily, try feeding him both in the morning and evening. Continue to feed the same total amount of food divided into two meals. Feeding once a day can leave the stomach empty for a long time and acid can accumulate and cause stomach upset. Your veterinarian can prescribe a medication to help decrease stomach acid and he/she may also recommend a new food that is bland and easy for your dog to digest. Sometimes a change in diet or feeding schedule can make a big difference.

Posted September 5, 2006

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