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Topic: Kitten Eye Infection/Care

Question from Kia from Wilmington:
I have a kitten that is 2 months old that I just got through an ad in the newspaper. He is all black with yellow eyes. One eye started running and then began to get gunky and weepy. I used a warm compress on it and rinsed it with a mix of eye drops and water. It got all better, but then started again. I don't have money to go to a vet. What should I do? I love my kitty.

Answer from Dr. Mindy Cohan:
I wish that I could provide a simple at home remedy for your new kitten, but he should be seen by a veterinarian. Eye infections can become a serious problem and potentially lead to blindness if not treated immediately. Your kitten’s eye may have an ulcer and an antibiotic eye cream will need to be prescribed by a veterinarian.

I recommend that all newly acquired pets be examined by a veterinarian. If your kitten has not received any vaccines or deworming medication, it is extremely important that both be given as soon as possible. Not only should your kitten be receiving his first vaccine now, he will need to have boosters every 3-4 weeks until he is at least 15 to 16 weeks old. If you do not know whether the kitten’s mom was checked for the feline leukemia and feline immunodeficiency viruses, your kitten should be tested by a vet. I hope you will find family or friends to help you care for your new companion.

Posted October 30, 2006

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