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Topic: Canine Vaccine Schedules

Question from Sharon in Dover:
I know with proof you can get a 3-year rabies shot. Does the same apply to Distemper and Bordatella?

Answer from Dr. Mindy Cohan:
The first rabies vaccine given to dogs once they are at least 3 months old is protective for one year. Typically, the subsequent rabies vaccines are protective for 3 years. Some veterinarians administer the 3-year vaccine every other year to ensure there is no lapse in protection.

Bordatella (kennel cough) vaccines typically protect dogs for one year. Some kennels require resident dogs to receive the vaccine every 6 months. Before making arrangements at a kennel, be sure to check their vaccine policy.

Canine distemper vaccines vary in their labeling from one to three years. Check with your veterinarian as to which type of vaccine they administer and the length of its duration.

Posted June 3, 2008

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