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Topic: Fleas

Question from David in New Castle:
What is the best way to get rid of fleas? I have been putting the frontline on every 4 weeks, vacuum a lot, and spraying everything. They are not as bad, but I want to get rid of them.

Answer from Dr. Mindy Cohan:
You are certainly not the only pet owner who has struggled with a home flea infestation this year. Patience and persistence are the keys to ridding your house of fleas. It is very important to treat both your pet and the environment. Continue to use the Frontline every month. You mentioned vacuuming and that is very important. Some specialists believe that fleas die when they are sucked into a vacuum cleaner. The environment can also be sprayed with a product that contains an insect growth regulator which will kill the immature stages of the flea.

If your pet is scratching and appears to be showing signs of a flea allergy, contact your veterinarian. Many pets with flea allergies will require medications to help with both itchiness and skink infections.

Posted January 19, 2010

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