Nancy Trusts Ella Health

Hi! I'm Nancy Johnson! And I'd like to personally invite you to Ella Health. Ella Health has COMPLETELY changed how I view going to get a mammogram. Having had mammograms since the age of 27, I know how uncomfortable the whole mammography process can be....the word "smashing" comes to mind. Paper gowns, metal lockers, and "curtains for doors" changing areas, followed by the inevitable "smashing", certainly isn't an experience any woman looks forward to having.

But things are different at Ella Health. It's more like going to get a "SPA-mmography"! There's relaxing music, pleasant and compassionate technoligists, lounge chairs, private dressing rooms (complete with your own WARM robe) and more. Talk about putting your mind and spirit at ease!

And the 3D technology that Ella Health offers on their mammograms is the best technology out there! Why trust the girls to anything less?!?!

Choosing Ella Health for your next mammogram will change how you view the whole mammography process. Trust me. I put MY girls in their hands, and you shouldn't hesitate to do the same. Together, we can save the girls one 'SPA-mmography' at a time!!!!

For more, visit or you can email me directly with any questions about my experience at!

Nancy Johnson