Thanksgiving Kitchen Disasters

Ah, Thanksgiving Dinner... the food, the relatives, the football... and the cooking. Sure, there's always something that goes wrong in putting together your feast. But some years, everything goes wrong! But don't try to wipe those Thanksgiving nightmares from your memory - tell us about them for your chance to win!

93.7 WSTW and Pro Kitchen Gear are giving you the chance to win a ton of new stuff for your kitchen just in time for this year's Turkey Day dinner. Just tell us about your absolute worst Thanksgiving kitchen disaster (and if you've got a picture of it, send that along, too!). Starting November 8th, we'll post all the stories we receive and let our listeners vote on the best ones. The story with the most votes wins big!

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Kathy B. from Cochranville
Turkey's in the oven, bread is baking and all the side dishes are ready to be cooked. Then, the electric goes off and doesn't come back on. So, my husband gets out the generator, gets it all set, and I'm ready to continue cooking. But, as he leaves, with my sons, and is driving down the driveway, all hell breaks loose in the house. There's all this popping and crackling noises and I've got no idea what is going on. I ran out of the house to stop my husband from leaving and I explain to him what just happened. It seems once the oven was at temperature, it shut off, and caused a surge of power, Which caused damage to my bread machine, VCR, Bose Sound System, and my son'd TV. We didn't realize that when the oven went off, it would cause a surge in the power. I was able to finish dinner but, not without adjustments to our dinner menu.

Nicole D. from Newark
Last year at Thanksgiving, I was in the hospital. They provided a "Thanksgiving dinner", but as everyone knows, hospital food is not the greatest. In an attempt to cheer me up, my Mom decided to venture out to every restaurant in a 5 mile radius determined to try to get a "home-made" take-out turkey dinner with all the traditional Thanksgiving trimmings. Only one restaurant in the area offered take-out as an option. She arrived back to the hospital triumphantly, with a huge smile on her face. She had even gotten a pumpkin pie (my favorite, and the last one they had) for me. My mom walked into my room with the take-out turkey dinners in one hand, the pie in her other hand, and a huge grin on her face. As she was walking into the room, she tripped on one of my IV cords, and the glorious pumpkin pie landed face down right into my lap! It was a big mess, and the looks on the nurses faces was priceless!

Kate S. from Wilmington
I was cooking my first Thanksgiving in an old farm house in Mendenhall, Pa. Unfortunately I did not clean out the oven before I cooked the turkey. Mice had gotten into the oven and peed on the floor of the oven. When the oven started heating up all you could smell was burned up mice pee! The smell was so bad we had to go out for dinner.

Chris W. from West Chester
About ten years ago, my folks flew into town from the west coast for Thanksgiving. My father's favorite food is turkey and we decided to give him his first taste of fried turkey. My neighbor had a turkey fryer and was experienced, so they were invited as well. As we were heating up the oil, my neighbor's son slammed his finger in the door and cut off the tip. He needed to be rushed to the hospital. My neighbor (in a rush) told me to put the turkey in the oil when it got hot and cook it for half an hour. I waited until the oil had vapor coming off it, lifted the lid and dropped the turkey in the fryer. In the process, the vapors ignited shooting flames 10 feet in the air and the oil splashed the side of the house and started the brick flaming (you're supposed to put the turkey in the oil slowly). I grabbed the top of the pot, quickly dropped it on the pot, and shut the gas valve. This killed the flames. The brick stopped flaming once the oil was consumed - but we never got the stain off. For my effort, I lost my eyebrows and most of the hair on my arms (not an Ideal Image treatment moment). Fifteen minutes later we had "blackened" fried turkey for our Thanksgiving meal.

Barbara C. from Drexel Hill
I was 7 months pregnant in a new home that had been built in the 1930's and had 13 people for dinner. Our oven was from 1940's or somethhing and had fuses. I put the turkey in the oven and my guests arrived for appetizers and drinks before dinner. In those days we served manhattans and martinis. I served everyone drinks. I checked the turkey and it was still not cooked. The fuses in the old oven had cracked. Honestly I never knew old ovens had fuses. But the oven didn't work at all. Knowing my neighbor had two ovens, I called and asked her if I could cook mine in her oven. That year there was a snowstorm on Thanksgiving. I put the turkey in my son's wagon and my husband brought it down the street to the neighbor's. I was still serving drinks. An hour later no husband, no turkey. I called my friend. My husband had eaten dinner with them and the turkey still wasn't done. I kept serving dirnks. The turkey eventually arrived and we carved it. My husband fell asleep in the living room because he had already eaten and had many drinks at the neighbor's house. My 13 guests were all drunk, and my mother was found beside the toilet in the powder room passed out from too many manhattans. My husband's grandmother was drunk. We had to carry my mother up the stairs. She was dead weight. She never drank. Of course everyone was drunk but me and the children who had eaten peanut butter and jelly by this time. I couldn't drink because I was pregnant but I really needed a drink at that point. What a nightmare! Needless to say, I put the turkey in the fridge and we had leftovers the next day. Leftovers and hangovers. My mother and my husband's grandmother were not in good shape. Everyone had to stay overnight.

Raymond W. from Bear
1988 was the year of hitting a home run with my know wife's family. I was trying so hard to get in with her mom, I ofter to help in the kitchen. Now my wife has 3 sisters and a brother. They all loved their moms cooking and her taste of food. I tried my hand at mac and cheese. I diced the cheese, Pam mom grated hers, then I made a cream sauce and burned it. So I tried to make it over again and failed. Then I tried to make a gravy from scratch....I failed no flavor at all. Need-less to say I did not do well at all, but one great thing that came out of that Thanksgiving day was many laughs and my wife of 23 years.

Terri B. from Middletown
My first time cooking a turkey-newly married- did not take the giblets out of the inside of the turkey -- cooked the turkey and mentioned to my husband that 1 bought a turkey already stuffed-- then he told me that it was not stuffing -but the giblets ... yuk

Matthew K. from New Castle
My mother last year used bad celery for her stuffing...needless to say everyone who ate it got sick!

John C. from Middletown
Our First Thanksgiving as a Newly Married Couple. After Kim and I were married we bought a town house in Wilmington. We thought that it would be great to host that years Thanksgiving. With planning in full swing and Rockwellian dreams at night, we looked forward to the Grand Event. Then Mary called. Mary was my mother-in-law. She asked if she could bring a guest that was flying in from England. Since we already had more food than we could eat, I said “the more the merrier”. Thanksgiving Feast was planned at 4:00pm, and that was the start of this most memorable night. That day started sunny and bright, but as the day went on clouds formed and the rain started. Then the rain turned into sleet and ice. Since my in-laws were coming from northern Philadelphia, they called at 2 o’clock to say they were on their way. Dinner was progressing according to plan as my family showed up around 3 o’clock. As the afternoon progressed, the sleet came down harder and 4 o’clock came and went. Now this was the time before everybody had a cell phone and the internet was “the new thing”. Dinner was put in a holding pattern as we waited for my in-law’s and guest to show. Finally at 6pm the in-laws and guest arrived, we had a quick greeting at the door and off to the dining room. As we sat down and started the feast, we learned more about Mary’s guest Ron and renewed family acquaintances. Ron was from England and this was his first time to the states. He was doing a whirlwind tour from Boston to Philadelphia. As for the feast, by the time everybody showed up it was over cooked, the turkey was dry, and the gravy was lumpy. But this didn’t matter after a few bottles of wine, it was all good. If I may quote Paul Harvey here is “The Rest of the Story”. After dinner, Ron wanted to see what the “internet” was all about. So Kim took him to my office and showed him. They went to the web page of his small town and some of the tourist spots in England. Time went by and before we knew it 10:00pm chimed on the clock. Knowing the weather was getting worse, everybody left but we made Mary promise to give us a call when they made it home. That call came in at 1am, but they made it safe and sound. Another Thanksgiving for the books or so we thought. The next morning we get a call from a frantic Mary, after we calmed her down this is what happened. She woke up at her normal time and checked in on her guest. He was still asleep and thinking that they all arrived home late, she let everybody sleep in. At 11am she went back to check on Ron because it was getting late. She shook Ron to wake him to no avail. Upon further investigation, Ron was not responding to anything, in fact Ron was dead. That is when Mary called Kim and Kim told her to call 911 immediately but it was already too late. We later found out that Ron was hospitalized in Boston but signed out AMA (against medical authority) to get to Philadelphia but Thanksgiving damage has been done. Fast forward to next year’s Thanksgiving. This was held at my parents’ house. As Kim and I entered, we were greeted by a very large portrait of Ron in black bunting. Everybody was wearing a black armbands and I was presented with a black apron that had a small skull and cross bone on the upper corner with the phrase “Four more till ace” on it. Even the turkey was wearing black booties instead of white. I think at that Thanksgiving there was more roasting of Ron and John than a turkey. I still need “Four more till ace” can I set a plate for you?

denise h. from bel air
biggest fear is undercooked turkey...don't have a reliable meat thermometer for a big bird

Jacqualynn M. from Newark
Many years ago when I was first married I was working full time. The company I worked for wanted to have a Thanksgiving style luncheon. I volunteered to bring the Turkey, why I don't know. I didn't know how to cook one but hey how hard could it be? I put the turkey in the oven frozen no giblets removed. And let it cook and cook and cook. Unfortunately unbeknownst to me I blew a fuse that supplied electricity to the oven. So when I finally realized the turkey wasn't cooking I took it out and panicked how was supposed to supply a turkey for my company function. I know carve it up and microwave it. Hmm it seemed okay to me and I brought it too work the next day. Can you believe my boss complained about it. I was so upset because I tried so hard to make it taste good.

Betty H. from Newark
We were all sitting down for Thanksgiving dinner and my mom had taken the Turkey out of the oven and put it on the table outside as it was a warm day. She asked my brother in law to go out and get the turkey. When he came back in half of the turkey was gone. She started to blame everybody for taking pieces of the turkey unitil she saw the dog with a bone in his mouth.

nancy g. from clayton
Our family Thanksgiving nightmares. The night before Thanksgiving I was cooking the pumpkin pies when the first disaster hit. Half way thru cooking them I went to check them and bumped the pan making one pie airborne. It hit the edge of the pan making the second pie airborne and both pies went all over the kitchen, oven and me. I then went from store to store looking for new pies which I never found. In the morning I was preparing the turkey and placed it in the oven. I ran out to pick of family 15min away and when I returned I checked the turkey to find out the oven was not working. The one good thing was I lived in an apartment and the on call person let us in a vacant apartment to cook our dinner. It was very windy and cold that day and we had to walk to another apartment which was 2 buildings away and upstairs all day to check our food. I cooked the turkey to a golden brown and when I went to take it out of the pan all the meat feel right off the bone. It was over cooked! I placed the turkey on a plate and by the time everyone got some it was as hard as shoe leather to eat. I did not think it could get worse until I burned the rolls on the bottom. It was a dinner disaster. Later that night my sister’s dog, my cat, our mother and I had food poisoning from the turkey. The house smelled of vomit and poop. I was so sick that I too weak to walk so I was crawling on the floor to just make it to the bathroom. The turkey was a fresh turkey and was not frozen and after that I never bought a fresh turkey again. I also have not made pies either. I buy my pies from the store bakery and for the rolls my sister makes them every year now. The next year my sister was in the hospital from being hit by a hit and run driver. Then the year after that my uncle fell at work hitting his head and getting a blood clot on his brain. The next Thanksgiving I got the flu and was too sick to make dinner. The worse was the fifth year when my uncle went to the hospital with breathing difficulties and passed away later that night. I called the disasters a family curse for about 5 years.

Kristy O. from Parkesburg
This is my story, with a huge shout out to my Dad for being the most understanding Dad there every was. I am now 38 and hosting Thanksgiving dinners for my family, at the time of this story I was 14 and not wanting to listen to anything my parents said. My family has a tradition of hosting Thanksgiving for family members and others. Some years it was foreign executives from my Dad's company, some years exchange students...this particular year it was a group of seminarians (Catholic priests in training so to speak) We had 45 people coming to our home for dinner. I had against my will gone shopping with my Dad for dinner supplies and when we got back home he had told me to put the turkey (the 3rd we had gotten because my Mom determined the 2 we had weren't enough)he had just bought into the 2nd refrigerator that was in our basement. I was in a hurry to go out with my friends and ran downstairs and like all meat we normally bought(we were a family of 5 3 teens and bought in bulk) tossed the bird in the deep freezer. This was 3 days prior to Thanksgiving. On Thanksgiving morning my Dad asked me to run down and get the bird from the fridge. I then kinda said the fridge?? And he said the fridge that is where I told you to put it. And that was what you did right? Not wanting to be in trouble I said yes. I ran downstairs and grabbed the turkey out of the freezer and threw in the microwave. Wanted 30 min and dunked it in a tub of cold water to make the wrapper cool again and proudly hauled it up to my Dad convinced my deception would never be discovered. My Dad out of concern for fully cooked stuffing never stuffed our turkeys or he would have known it was still solidly frozen. The turkey was put in a roasting pan and cooked. We all sat to eat, my Dad got out the electric knife following the blessing to carve the turkey. the knife started to slice through the golden brown great smelling bird when suddenly the knife dead stopped. My Dad's hand since he was applying pressure while carving prompting slid form the handle down into the whirling blades and opened a huge gash in his hand. Blood began spurting out instantly!! He calmly grabbed his apron and wrapped his hand and asked that someone carry the ruined bloody turkey into the kitchen and get one of the two other birds. He was gone about 15 min and came back with a huge bandage wrapped around his hand, assuring everyone he was fine and not to let it ruin dinner. We proceeded to have a blast, my Dad even playing ping pong and pool with the injured hand. After everyone let he calmly told my Mom he needed a ride to the ER. the knife had sliced his hand so badly bone was showing. They came back 3 hrs later and my Dad had 56 stitches. He came over gave me a hug and said he loved me, but if I ever pulled something like that again I would learn the meaning of pain avoidance even if I was a teenager. I have never felt so bad and EVERY year someone in my family brings it up AGH!!!!! But my Dad is the best! Who else would put up with all of that with a smile on his face : )

Rachael M. from Wilmington
My mom ran out of room in the fridge to finish defrosting the turkey. It was cool outside so the night before Thanksgiving she put the Turkey on our back deck to finish thawing out. The next morning in all of the hustle and bustle of Turkey day we put our dog on the back deck so that he wouldn't be under our feet. When my mom was ready to dress the turkey she went out on the deck to find a demolished turkey all over the deck and a guilty pup sitting in the corner with his head hung low. We made the best of the side dishes that year and have a great story to tell.

Sandy F. from wilmington
My dear late mother had difficulty with the thanksgiving meal a few times. My father,a vegetarian, considered the holiday somewhat barbaric, which didn't add much to the festive atmosphere. One year mom decided to buy a larger than usual turkey so we could have plenty of leftovers. What she didn't take into consideration was that it was just deemed no longer acceptable to thaw the turkey in the sink. The refrigerator took much longer. Being the modern housewife, my mom had one of those 'new' microwaves. She put the turkey in it to thaw. It burned to the roof of the microwave and the bag of giblets melted to the rib cage inside. After mom stopped crying, she tossed the bird in the trash and disappeared for about an hour. At dinner, we had a wonderful, moist turkey, sliced just right with no carcass in sight to gross out dad. My brother and I sang "if it's not your mother's it must be Howard Johnson's" throughout the meal.

Karen F. from Hockessin
My first Thanksgiving as a wife. So excited. So proud. So wanting to impress my new husband and his family with my culinary skills. We had only been married 3 weeks, and we were traveling to the home of his parents for dinner. When I asked his mother what I could bring, she replied, "How about an apple pie?" I had made an apple pie before, but I wanted this one to be really special-something that would confirm that their son's decision to marry me was the best choice he ever made. I had visions of everyone "ooooh-ing" and "aaah-ing" over my delicious desert. I asked all my friends for recipes; one of them gave me her "Secret Apple Pie" recipe and told me it would be the BEST one I would ever eat. It required cooking the pie in a glass plate and inside a paper bag at a lower temperature. I was sold - even though it sounded a little strange. On Thanksgiving Day, I waited until 1 hour before we were to leave to put the pie in the oven, and it looked delicious. Sat down on the sofa to snuggle up with my new hubby. Waited. It smelled heavenly. It it was ON FIRE! (In the years since, my husband and I discovered that he is much better in the first moments of an emergency than I am. But we were 3 weeks into this baby, and we were finding this information out the hard way.) I ran to the oven! I tried to remember what I learned in a babysitting class as a teenager...throwing something white and powdery onto an electric I grabbed the flour (again, with the 'not being so good in an emergency' thing"), tossed it into the oven all over my beautful, enflamed pie and WHOOSH! (Oh, right - it was supposed to be BAKING SOMETHING OR OTHER!!) MORE FIRE! SMOKE ALARMS! ME OPENING UP THE DOOR TO GET THE FRESH AIR INSIDE! THE DOG RUNNING OUTSIDE! I stood in the doorway and corraled the dog back in. And I cried. A lot. When I turned around, my new husband had quelched the fire and - if memory serves - he was trying really hard not to laugh. I could only see my Thanksgiving Dreams going down the tubes in one, huge, apple-scented flame. It's been 12 years, and my friend still swears it is a great recipe. My husband still knows not to remind me of "the incident which shall not be named." My in-laws still don't know this even happened, and Mrs. Paul's still has a new customer-every Thanksgiving since.

Michelle M. from Newark
I was 14 years old. My mom decided our family would host the Thanksgiving Meal. My mom was a good cook and my dad would brag about my mom's cooking. Both sets of grandparents came and my mom was so proud of her new house and NEW GAS STOVE. So the morning beginnings with the BIRD still frozen despite it had been thawing for a day and a half. My dad says he has it under warm water the bird goes in the sink. as my dad has his hand in the bird his wed ring (my mom made him wear that day cause family coming) got stuck in the bird. Family gets it out and the BIRD is on the floor. My dad says no worries he has it too back to the sink the bird goes under some boiling water. Dad butters the bird and mom stuffs the bird and in the OVEN it goes. Well my mom pre heated her new OVEN/ STOVE and saw it was on and never turned up the heat on her new GAS OVEN/ STOVE so it was only set on the pre heat section. Several hours later I ask why don't I smell the bird cooking my dad tells me it's me he can smell the bird. Well grandparents aunts and my uncle arrive and we all sit down and out comes the bird that well looks as pale on the outside as my mom suddenly looked when she realized the OVEN WAS NEVER ON!!!!!!!! We ate all the fixings and lucky for us my grandmom brought a HAM cause she didn't think my mom's turkey was big enough. TOOOOOOO FUNNY

Anita L. from Wilmington
When my husband and I married nine years ago in October, and my family moved into his home, one of our first projects to make this our home, was to tackle the kitchen. The 15+years old laminate "butcherblock" countertop had run it's course. A local store was running a special on Corian countertops, with installation by Thanksgiving. They'd do the measuring, too. Sounds good to us! The day before installation, my husband disconnected the plumbing and removed the sink and small L-shaped countertop. He was intent on throwing out everything, but I suggested we hold onto the pieces, just in case. The next day, the lead installer looked at our kitchen. Hm. He looked at the new countertop that had been propped-up on the floor. He looked back at our kitchen. Hm. I guess he was hoping he was seeing things, but sure enough, bringing the countertop into the kitchen did not change the fact that the intergrated sink had been integrated one cabinet-width too far to the left! Hm. Obviously, someone goofed, and it was not on THIS end. So, off they went, and then my husband had to re-install the old stuff again. Well, we still had time before our first Thanksgiving with new blended family and friends. Or so we thought. That special was so good, they were backed-up! No guarantee to have the new piece in time for the holiday. GRRR! Well, the old stuff worked just fine for Thanksgiving dinner prep. It wasn't the nicest looking kitchen for our first special "big" meal, but it served its purpose. So, a word of advice from experience: hold onto the old stuff "just in case," and avoid remodeling around the holidays.

Phyllis A. from new castle
When I was first married 40 years ago we invited freinds for thanksgiving ( Dave and Loeann)I didnt have a lid for my roasting pan and my aunt Virgina said to cook it with a paper bag on top of it. I did IT cAUGHT ON fIRE.eNDED UP HAVING SPAGETTI. nEVER DID THAT AGIAN

kris b. from wilmington
Got busy doing things around the house and came back to the kitchen to find out that the cat had pulled the thawed turkey out of the sink and onto the floor and had chewed off a large portion of the breast!

Adrienne G. from Newtown
It was a typical Thanksgiving Day. We had decided to have Thanksgiving in our new apartment in Bensalem, PA. Our daughter was 2 years old at the time back in 2006. Her 2 mom-mom's, pop-pop, Aunt Lisa, and dog Keely were coming for dinner. We were a little nervous about having Keely the Bichon with our Jack Russel. The two just don't mix. Anyway, we had our turkey in the oven at the crack of dawn, no problem! About an hour before our family arrived, we started cooking all the yummy sides that go with turkey, mash potatoes, string beans, and stuffing. This year I decided to buy real sweet potatoes in stead of the can. I didn't know how to make those, so I had to wait for mom. Oh, and I almost forgot I bought those yummy Mrs. Smith pies you put in the oven. So the family had arrived and it is time for dinner. We go to take the turkey out of the oven which we had in an aluminum pan. We learned the hardway that you can not put a 20 lb. turkey in a flimsy pan. The turkey almost fell out and turkey juice all over the oven. No big deal, right? What else could happen? We clean up and proceed to eat. Dinner was delicious, but wait, we forgot the sweet potatoes. I did not know this took a few hours, guess we have to eat those later. Again, no big deal. How about some wine with dinner? Everyone is enjoying food and wine when my mom decides to open a bottle of soda and accidentally knocks it over. My mother-in-law tries to catch it and falls off her chair. I am buzzed at this point and so hysterical, I can't help her up. But what else could happen I keep saying to everyone. We finish dinner. Oh but wait! We forgot the muffins in the oven! So dad goes to take out the muffins and starts screaming cause he burned his hands. Who doesn't use an oven mit to do this? Muffins are half burnt, oh well. Guess it can't get any worse. Let's put the pies in! Next thing you know smoke is coming from the oven. We open the oven door and the pies are on fire! Smoke and flames in the kitchen! My mom grabs my daughter and runs outside. Dad and my mother-in-law are trying to put out the fire with a fire extinguisher and I'm calling 911 saying I have a fire, not sure if I need you! 911 operator says, hun, do you need us or not? We have other emergencies we have to attend to. I say nevermind, we don't need you, we got it out. Soot all over the place, uugghhh! Note to self, never say what else can happen. And we were worried about the dogs??? 5 adults couldn't handle one simple dinner, unblelieavable.

Mark P. from Rehoboth Beach
Last year, I was baking homemade apple pies on Thanksgiving morning. I had the filling made and the pie crusts rolled out, ready to put into the pie pans for baking. Then I realized that we had left our pie pans at a friend's house who was not home. I posted about it on Facebook and Pro Kitchen Gear owner Dave McCormick offered to drive into the shop first think in the morning and let us purchase a couple of pie pans to save Thanksgiving dessert. So not a disaster, because the day was saved by Pro Kitchen Gear.

Lauren L. from Newark
One Thanksgiving, my dad put the turkey in the sink in the in-law suite where my grandmother stayed. It was on the other side of the house. He filled up the sink so that the turkey would be perfectly defrosted for Thanksgiving. The next morning, he went to check on the turkey and realized he had left the water running the whole night and had flooded the entire kitchen! But the turkey was still good to go and a little water didn't get in our way!

andrea w. from Wilmington
My biggest Thanksgiving disaster happened a few years ago..Since my family is Italian, we always have a huge Italian start to our Thanksgiving before the turkey...I thought it would be great to have homemade gnocchia for everyone...I spent hours rolling out the gnocchia for the gang of us only to put them in boling water to have them all disintegrate! I thought that a nice helping of ricotta cheese would make the gnocchia so special but in fact it was a disaster!

Kathy S. from Elkton
On Thanksgiving last year, the event was at our house. I got up at around 2 a.m. to get the turkey ready to put in the oven. After about an hour preparing it for baking, I preheated the oven, but when I opened it, the inside was on fire! I was petrified! I called my husband down stairs at 3:30 in the morning, and he was not happy. He put out the fire in the oven, and determined that it was broken. He suggested that we should grill it, so, we took the turkey out to the grill, to find that it was broken. After all we'd been through, we decided that we would just have to microwave the Thanksgiving turkey, but again, to our surprise, the microwave wouldn't start. Now being 4 a.m. I had to bring the turkey to my sister's house to cook it. Thanksgiving dinner is always at 6 at my house, so by the time my sister had came all the way to my house, out of all the things to forget, she forgot the turkey! So, with that being said, we had to drive across the county to pick up a turkey, and drive all the way back. When the turkey came out of the oven, it was burnt to a crisp! We had no turkey on Thanksgiving! Needless to say, we didn't eat it, but thankfully a local pizza joint was open. Last Thanksgiving, the family of 19 enjoyed pizza, corn, mashed potatoes, carrots, sweet potato casserole and pumpkin pie. All the kids loved the idea of pizza, so we've adopted a new tradition- pizza AND turkey on Thanksgiving. :)

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