Heard This Week...
(July 5, 2015)
Poor Yorick
Witching Tree
Left & Right
5 Year Plan
David Uosikkinen's In the Pocket
Punk Rock Girl
Ron Gallo
Young Lady You're Scaring Me
All That We Are
Tracy Chapstick
Pump the Brakes
Ron Gallo
Kill the Medicine Man [live]
John Scargall
Leave It on the Track
Thin Lips
Nothing Weird
Ron Gallo
Don't Mind the Lion
New Sweden
Burdened Days
Widow Maker Social Club
Grace Vonderkuhn
Saints with Death Wishes
Widow Maker Social Club
Do I Look Right? [live]
John Eddie
Same Old Brand New Me
Widow Maker Social Club
All That I Would Lose [live]
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WSTW is proud to present Hometown Heroes, a weekly program spotlighting the best local, original music from the Delaware Valley! Hosted by Mark Rogers, Hometown Heroes is broadcast every Sunday, 8-10pm. We play the music and provide information about where you can see these bands perform live, how to get their music, and how to contact them. We'll even bring some of them into the studio to perform live on the air.

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Jul 12: Ladybug Music Festival
Jul 12: Lauren Kuhne
Jul 12: Ava Awitan
Jul 12: Pristine Raeign
Jul 12: AlyCat

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This week's Show (7/5/15):
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Want everyone listening to Hometown Heroes around the world to hear your stuff? Send your music, along with all the pertinent information, like your band's bio, contact information, website, and where people can purchase your music, to:

WSTW's Hometown Heroes
2727 Shipley Rd
Wilmington, DE   19810

Please note that all music must be submitted on a standard audio CD. MP3s, MP3 CDs, cassettes and DATs are not acceptable for on-air broadcast.

Also, keep us up-to-date, so that we can plug your band on the show. Send general news, information, concert dates, etc., to Mark at mrogers@wstw.com.