WSTW Personalities

Nancy Johnson
Weekdays 5:30-10am

I was born in Philadelphia and raised in nearby Lancaster County. I moved to Newark in 2001 and have been here ever since. I began my career with Delmarva Broadcasting Company in 1994 as a Trafficwatch Reporter. Still can't believe that I've 'graduated' to WSTW Morning Show Co-Host....but when that daily 3:00am alarm clock goes off, I'm gently reminded that my dream HAS come true!! I love, love, LOVE being in radio and wouldn't trade my experiences for the world.

When I'm at home, I love spending time with my 2 children and husband, gardening, and cooking up huge tasty feasts! (My family seems to enjoy that last thing I just mentioned the most;) And when I grow up, I wanna be a wine enthusiast.....oh wait. I already enthuse wine wayyy too much.

Thanks for listening!!!

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Robin Bryson
TrafficWatch, Weekdays 6-9am and 4-6pm

No one in Delaware will get you to or from work better than our own Robin Bryson! Traffic - it's what he does - and he's the best. But Robin also enjoys baseball, model trains, and dancing with his beautiful wife.

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Mike Rossi
Weekdays 10am-2pm

Every weekday, Mike helps you through your workday and takes those lunch time requests. Mike loves sports--watching his kids play as well as supporting our local teams. He's also a life-long Delawarean, a proud citizen of tax-free shopping, the place to be somebody...

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Joe Alan
Weekdays 2-7pm

Hey it's Joe Alan! I enjoy eating bacon and being shirtless in front of the mirror, usually at the same time. I also enjoy spending time with my beautiful wife, Melissa and my son, Grayson. I have two obese cats named Moses and Harold. Hit me up after 2. 800 544 9370, text me 56221.

I'm a big fan of music. Watersports are a huge part of who I am, I have a boat and dig wakeboarding. I'M ON A BOAT!!

If I'm not out boating, you can find me on my motorcycle(which is faster than Spencers.)

Certain people really tick me off, especially people who creep along in the fast lane while talking on their cell phones. I also despise people who are jerks to servers in a restaurant. I smile because I know that someone will spit in their food.

I like being around anything funny. Family Guy, Dumb and Dumber, ya know the basic non-sensical stuff that makes me laugh.

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Aaron Price
Weekdays 7pm-Midnight, Saturdays Noon-4pm

Steve Michaels
Saturdays 8am-Noon

Up early on Saturday morning? Wake up with Steve!

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Phil Matthews
Saturdays 4-8pm, Sundays 9am-2pm

Phil's name isn't Phil without reason; he's our fill-in guy. In addition to Phil's regular two shifts, you can catch Phil "Philling in" whenever someone else is sick, on vacation, or feeling lazy. Such an odd schedule sometimes makes it hard for him to catch "Buffy the Vampire Slayer".

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Tia Cristy

Like any good substitute, Tia is our fill-in jock. Traveled the country with radio and came back to the east coast to be in this great state of Delaware. Tia gives listeners good tips, fun fact and great entertainment with 93.7 WSTW!

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Jason Thomas
Saturdays 6-8am, Sundays 6-8pm

When Jason isn't counting down WSTW's biggest hits on the WSTW Top 20 Countdown, you'll find him keeping looking pretty. You also know him from the weekly 93.7 WSTW Rewards Newsletter. Spending all that time in front of a computer screen could explain why his eyesight is so bad...

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Mark Rogers
Hometown Heroes - Sundays 8-10pm

Mark is an old friend of WSTW who was gone for a while but is back now, bringing you the best that the local original music scene has to offer. For more information on Hometown Heroes, click here.

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