Hometown Heroes Homey Awards Ballot

Homey Awards details and criteria

WSTW Hometown Heroes’ Homey Awards are an annual celebration of the year’s best in local original music, culminating in an awards ceremony and concert on Thursday, March 14, 2019 at Theatre N in Wilmington.

There are two rounds of voting:

  1. Popular vote – the public will vote for their favorite 2018 releases and musicians in the various Homey categories. The top five by popular vote in each category will be this year’s nominees.
  2. Homey Panel vote – The panel, comprised of past Homey winners and industry professionals will then vote on the nominees – deciding this year’s winners.

It’s time to get things organized for the first round of Homey Awards voting.
This is where YOU come in.

If you want you, your band, your music, etc., to be eligible for Homey Awards voting you need to:

  1. Decide in which categories you’d like to be eligible for the first round of voting. You (your band, your songs, etc.) can be eligible in as many or as few categories as you’d like. It’s your call.
  2. Make your eligibility submissions at the link below by 11:59pm on Thursday, January 31. Enter the necessary information in the desired categories. Leave any others blank.
  3. Submissions should be made by the artists themselves or a designated representative (manager, agent, etc.) Submissions for venue and event should be made by someone connected with the venue or event.
  4. Make sure that you are available to attend the Homey Awards ceremony on March 14 in the event you are one of the nominees (and maybe ultimately a winner).

A quick review of the criteria for Homey Award eligibility:
A song, album, EP, etc. needs to have been:

  1. Released in 2018.
  2. Submitted to Hometown Heroes (preferably on CD, but WAV or MP3 are acceptable alternatives). If your music has not yet been submitted, you can do so now. Email Mark Rogers at mrogers@wstw.com to find out how to submit your music.
  3. An original work [we will play cover songs on occasion, but since Hometown Heroes’ primary focus is on original music, the Homey Awards are awarded to such works]
  4. From an artist currently based in the Delaware Valley [although Hometown Heroes will sometimes play music from alumni that have relocated to other parts of the country, the Homey Awards’ focus is on artists that are still locally based]
  5. Musician categories (best singer, guitarist, etc.) are based on involvement with 2018 releases (i.e. a Homey-eligible musician must have played on a 2018 release). Similarly the songwriter and producer categories are tied to 2018 releases.
  6. Category-specific notes and guidelines:
    • Album of the Year and EP of the year: The line between albums and EPs can be blurry, so I leave it up to the artist to decide whether their release is an EP or album
    • Female or male solo artist – Someone who presented themself as a solo artist, rather than a band’s lead singer on a 2018 release
    • Best New Artist – An artist/band that first presented themselves in the local music scene as an artist in 2018 with a release of some kind (single, album, EP)
    • Best Lead Singer From a band – Not a solo artist (see above). i.e. the same artist isn’t eligible for best male/female solo artist and lead singer
    • Best Other Instrumentalist – a catch-all category for instruments that don’t fit in the other instrument categories (still need a better name for this category)
    • Best Live Act – A local original act that played locally in 2018, regardless of whether they released any new music.
    • Best Venue for Live Music – local venue that hosted original music in 2018
    • Best Concert/Music Event – a 2018 local event of predominantly original music
    • Best Music Video – a 2018 short-form video release – please provide link to video

If you have any questions, email Mark at mrogers@wstw.com