Veteran Roof Giveaway

A 25-year Army veteran is the 2020 winner of a new roof courtesy of an annual contest sponsored by MW Roofing and WDEL/WSTW.

Sergeant (Ret.) Joseph Houghton of Newark was quite surprised when he opened his front door on Thursday morning, August 27, 2020, and was notified he had been selected.

“Every time I see my son-in-law Bruno he always reminds me my roof needs to be replaced,” said Houghton, “and it does.”

So Bruno nominated his father-in-law for the roof giveaway.

“Never would have thought this would happen to me,” said Houghton. “This is out of the clear blue sky. It’s amazing. I really appreciate everything.”

MW Roofing owner Chad Wloczewski enjoyed the moment just as much.

“It touches a place in your heart when you see how happy people are,” said Wloczewski. “To us it’s a simple roof but to them it’s a huge ordeal. It doesn’t get old man, it doesn’t get old.”

Houghton joined the military as a young man and served in Vietnam as a combat engineer.

“I entered the service in November of 1967. I was looking for something to do and I found that the military was my niche so I stayed in for twenty five years,” said Houghton. “We were on the road sweeping the road for mines in Vietnam.”

Houghton said they also built camps for U.S. soldiers.

He retired in 1991, but was called back to service in 2007 to serve for a year in Iraq.

“I’ll take it for all the veterans who served in all the wars and all the time, it’s great,” said Houghton. “I’m thankful to MW Roofing that they’re going to provide this for me now. This is really something. I really appreciate everything.”

Thanks to everyone who participated in our 2020 Veteran Roof Giveaway, from MW Roofing, 93.7 WSTW, Jammin’ 96.9, and 101.7FM/1150AM WDEL.