Pets of the Week

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“Treating customers (people & pets) as family!”


WSTW loves pets! That’s why we’ve partnered with Humane Animal Partners (formerly Delaware Humane Association and Delaware SPCA) to bring you our Pets of the Week. Each week, we’ll show you a cat and a dog from Humane Animal Partners who need good homes. 

Pets of the Week


Rusty is a handsome 3.5 year old tuxedo kitty who came to us from a shelter partner when they no longer had space for him. He’s very outgoing and quickly became a volunteer favorite! Every morning, he greets HAP staff with a big meow and adorable kitty eyes. The cattery team thinks he knows how to make them feel guilty, and with one sad look, they have no choice but to sit with him for some snuggles. This affectionate boy is sure to rub against your leg or curl up in your lap, but despite being a lover, Rusty has his limits and will give you a light tap or nibble to let you know he’s had enough. Rusty enjoys spending his days soaking up some sun and leaning into you for head scratches!


Dior is a 2-year-old boxer/terrier mix that loves her friends at Humane Animal Partners! She came to HAP after being found wandering as a stray in Wilmington. Despite being at the shelter, she is a loving, playful girl who would thrive with an active owner, as she loves long walks and playtime. Her favorite form of exercise is tossing around a toy or chasing a tennis ball (though we have noticed, she does tire easily)! While it’s possible Dior could be introduced to other animals over time, she would prefer it if she were the only pet in your home so she could have you all to herself. Will you help Dior make a fresh start?!


Buddy is an 8 year old mature gentleman who came to HAP as a stray. He makes an adorable “hooting” noise, likely due to respiratory complications from his time as a stray, though our staff believes he’s in good health now and it causes him no pain. He’s had a hard time adjusting to shelter life but is learning the world isn’t so scary. Despite being a shy boy who prefers love on his own terms, he’s opened up for a few of our staff to show us his affectionate side and when he gets comfortable, he enjoys curling up in your lap or laying beside you for pets. Buddy prefers the little things in life, like watching TV or listening to his friends read aloud a good book! He has a playful side as well, mostly with string toys or his favorite pipe-cleaner toy, and has proven to do well with other cats in the shelter, preferring the calmer ones, in particular.


Link came to us from a high-intake shelter in Georgia and sadly, has been overlooked due to his size for quite some time. This beautiful boy is a 3-yr-old Great Dane mix who simply loves to love! His favorite things to do are zoom around our fenced-in field playing with friends, and going on hikes with volunteers as part of our Doggy Day Out program. When he’s done exercising, he melts into a snuggly baby and loves getting back scratches and having his velvety ears rubbed. Link has proven to be fearful of other dogs and will likely do best as the only dog in your home.


Life would be oh so boring without a little spice…don’t you agree? Allow us to kick up the heat with HAP’s resident spicy girl herself, Carnitas! This little lady is the definition of “Queen of the castle”! She much prefers solitary life with humans, and therefore would do best as the single queen pet in a home. She can regularly be found lounging in our playroom, watching the birds outside, and she loves catnip toys, rolling around with one in her paws until she’s ready for a snooze. Carnitas enjoys head scratches and is not afraid to let you know when she’s had enough! She likes to follow our staff around, supervising our work. She will even remind us when we haven’t provided her with treats, because after all…her wish is our command!


This handsome boy is a 5-year-old Shepherd mix that LOVES people! Rusty came to HAP as a stray. Despite being in a new place, Rusty quickly made friends with our staff and volunteers! In typical shepherd nature, he is very talented at holding a conversation and letting you know what’s on his mind. He’ll do anything for a game a fetch, and yes, he brings the ball back every time! He’s a very smart boy and motivated to learn new tricks. Rusty is leash-trained, house-trained, and knows basic commands. If you’re looking for a big boy, with an even bigger heart, then then contact HAP to schedule an appointment with Rusty’s foster for a meet and greet!


Fran is a 4 year old hound mix came to HAP from a high-intake shelter when they no longer had space for her. When she first arrived, she had some reservations about meeting new people, but has since opened up! Fran appears to trust women a lot more easily than men, though she does adore our male staff. Although she can be unsure at first, once Fran is comfortable with you, it’s not long after that she falls in love with you! She greets all her friends with a big hug and kisses. We’re not sure she knows her size, as she will climb right into your lap for some snuggles. She enjoys spending time outside, whether she’s bouncing around our fenced fields or sprawled out with an enrichment toy, she is a happy girl. Fran is very well-mannered and knows basic commands. As the princess she is, she absolutely adores wearing a stylish sweater or costume. She walks well on a leash, and like her typical hound nature, she loves to sniff and can get excited to track down some squirrels!

MONICA - Stanton/Christiana

Monica is a confident 6.5 yr old kitty who’s known to be quite the goofball. She’s a talkative social butterfly who will get crazy bursts of energy, zooming around your house before wearing herself out and conking out on your lap for a good nap snuggle! She’s not a huge fan of other cats, but we expect she’d do okay with well-mannered dogs and children who can respect her boundaries. Monica has been diagnosed with a very early-stage kidney disease which is managed by a special diet, but we expect she has many healthy years ahead of her! Because of her diagnosis, her adoption fee has been waived so we can help her find her furever home!


Known formerly as Delaware Humane Association and Delaware SPCA, Humane Animal Partners is committed to connecting people with animals, building strong relationships to better the community, and preventing cruelty to animals. These pillars are brought to life through programs that provide shelter and adoption for unwanted and homeless pets, reduce pet overpopulation through low-cost spay/neuter, and enable pet retention by providing low-cost wellness services. HAP has 3 locations in Wilmington, Stanton/Christiana, and Rehoboth Beach. Visit to learn how to adopt, volunteer, donate, foster, and more.


Our adoption process is designed to help you and your family find the perfect match in a pet. When the right match is made, we strive to conduct our adoptions thoughtfully, transparently, and with the utmost respect. HAP asks those interested in adopting to please submit an adoption questionnaire at //  prior to visiting! All animals from HAP are spayed/neutered, given age-appropriate vaccines, microchipped, and examined by a vet prior to adoption.