Audience Targeted Advertising

Audience Targeted Advertising

Do you ever wonder why the ads you see on your computer or phone so closely mirror the products and services that you’re in the market for? This is because of audience-targeted advertising. You could be receiving ads based on your browsing history, your search tendencies or even your device’s physical location.

Display Advertising

  • Online behaviors and activities help create and shape a profile for all internet users.
  • Choose the best qualifiers for your target audience, including:
    • Geography
    • Demographics
    • Behavior
  • Serve banner ads to your selected audience on Display + Mobile through our network of over 10,000 websites.


  • Geo-Fencing is all about location… This location-based technology targets your ads to mobile users within a virtual perimeter
  • You can serve ads to people in your target market beyond based on:
    • Specific Addresses – shopping centers, hotels, schools, businesses, or even your competitors!
    • Event Locations – sporting events, concerts, conventions, fairs, and more!
    • Neighborhoods – Reach specific groups of homeowners or renters and new home developments.
  • When someone enters a geo-fenced area with their GPS-enabled device, their location is captured, and your targeted ads are served.
  • Your ads are shown in the apps and on the websites, people are using.

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